UCLA Department of Architecture + Urban Design Building
UCLA Department of Architecture + Urban Design 2009
Professor: Olivier Touraine

Location: University of California Los Angeles Campus

The new UCLA AUD building will be built on the site of the existing building of Perloff Hall. The organizational logic of the program is complex and performatively challenging as it seeks to be open and connected, yet isolated and disconnected. The building carefully delineates the relationship to the campus landscape, infrastructure and milieu. Overall, it aims to create a positive contribution to the campus as a whole and create an internal architectural and social landscape which is functional and atmospherically conducive to learning. This studio aims to develop new ideas for architectural design by exploring landscape through related disciplines, techniques and organizations. Each of these aspects will be explored in the generative capacity for the UCLA AUD building. The building structure will be integrated as a component that relates to site, construction, topography, climatology and accessibility.