The Body MOD
UCLA Department of Architecture + Urban Design 2011
Professor: Georgina Huljich
Partner: Sontaya Bluangtook

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

BodyMOD explores and develops a relationship between media technology as utility and body adornment as aesthetic. Technologies supporting digital communication and music have integrated themselves into daily life to the extent that they are no longer seen as additive objects, but almost as layers of clothing or jewelry worn with a ritual-like regularity. The interest is in proposing that technology finds a new role on the human body, similar to the role of jewelry or fashion. Technologies such as ipod headphones and the jawbone headpiece for cell phones are looked at with the idea that these technologies could be developed into a highly customizable form of fashion and jewelry design, taking on a necessary utility. Mass production has resulted in a lack of aesthetic customization, defining the users personal aesthetic.