Urban Anatomy
UCLA Department of Architecture + Urban Design 2010
Professor: Michael RA
Team: Sontaya Bluangtook + Matthew Goldsberry

Location: Miami, Florida

The Miami High Speed Transit Terminal is a proposal to bring high speed rail into the downtown center of Miami. The proposal is to construct a transit center within the downtown waterfront which simultaneously serves as train terminal, ferry dock and public space, with an adjacent office tower. The goal for the project is to combine the program with an environmentally influenced approach. The train terminal and ferry dock contain large spaces where air-conditioning is un-economical, so alternative cooling methods are explored. Due to the high level of humidity in Miami, many passive methods of cooling such as adding water into the air to cool it, no longer becomes effective. The solution is to keep the air in a constant state of movement, alleviating any stagnant air.














East Elevation

North Elevation

South Elevation

West Elevation


Context Model / Rapid Prototype


Composite Section Model