Abnormality Cycle 2
UCLA Department of Architecture + Urban Design 2011
Professor: Stephen Deters
Partner: Sontaya Bluangtook

Location: Traveling Installation

The fabrication of the of the initial module is achieved through water-jet cut aluminum. There are three modules in total; large y-shape, medium y-shape, small y-shape and pleats which connect the installation to the wall. The curvature within the system comes from molding the individual aluminum pieces to conform to either a concave or convex curvature along the spine of the shape. The aluminum reaches a level of malleability once the bending reaction is started, allowing for adjustments after assembly. The fastening system is comprised of black rubber washers, chrome-cast aluminum washers and stainless-steel socket-cap screw bolts. The interior surface is a steel hex mesh with rubber gasket inlay.